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Starting therapy doesn't have to be difficult.

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With over 20 years in the mental health field, I combine clinical excellence, personalized care, and easy access to services so we can begin addressing your needs right way.  Not all therapists are trained alike, so it's good to ask, "Can this therapist help me?  Would we be a good fit?"  I integrate modern, evidence-based therapies to effectively reduce symptoms and treat issues including, but not limited to:

Depression and mood changes
Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks and OCD)
elationship and family problems
Career issues
Grief and loss
Healing current and past trauma
ifficult life transitions and relocations
exuality, queer, and gender issues
Substance abuse, addictions, and
other impulse control problems
ging, death, and dying 

Therapy should never be mysterious, just effective!  If you have questions about a particular issue you're dealing with please send me a message.


Located at: 207A Sanchez St @ Market St (between Noe and Church Sts)

CA license PSY19279